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Note: Most user interface tasks can be performed in Edge Classic or the New Edge experience. For an overview, getting started topics, and release notes specific to the New Edge experience, see the docs.

Get Cached Node.js Logs

Resource Summary


Content Type

application/json, text/xml


Cached Logs,



Get Cached Node.js Logs

Retrieve the most recent number of Node.js log records for the specified API.

The exact number of log records retrieved may change depending on system configuration, but it will typically be 500 for each message processor or 1000 in most configurations.

The response format is as follows: [TIMESTAMP CATEGORY SERVER] Record...

  • TIMESTAMP is the time at which the log record was generated.
  • CATEGORY denotes that the log is a node.js log and whether it went to stdout or stderr.
  • SERVER uniquely identifies the server within Apigee Edge where the log was generated. For example: [2014-10-09T00:58:17.619Z nodejs/stdout svr.701] Hello, World!

Resource URL /o/{org_name}/e/{env_name}/apis/{api_name}/cachedlogs/categories/nodejs

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

Enter a standard time zone abbreviation to express the TIMESTAMP value in that time zone.

For example, enter "EST" or "PST". By default, the timestamp value is expressed in UTC/GMT time.


Set to true to have the last line of the log output use the following format: [state XXXX,] where "XXXX" is an opaque value that represents the current position in the log.

For example: [state 4-Li2Msq8PDg8sn9mlxcHEfYBBafBbEB].


If this query parameter is set to the "state" of a previous log request with "getState=true" in it, then this API call will return only log records that were created since that point.

Note that each API call to cachedlogs/categories/nodejs may return a different state value.

A script that wishes to "tail -f" the logs must add "getState=true" to each API call and then pass the new state every time.

For example: .../cachedlogs/categories/nodejs?getState=true&state=4-Li2Msq8PDg8sn9mlxcHEfYBBafBbEB.

Request Body

org_name Mention the organization name true

env_name Mention the environment name true

api_name Mention the API name true

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.


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