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Note: Most user interface tasks can be performed in Edge Classic or the New Edge experience. For an overview, getting started topics, and release notes specific to the New Edge experience, see the docs.


Creates an app family for a developer. An app family is an association of one or more apps in the family. An app can only be a associated with a single app family.

The association of apps in an app family is entirely arbitrary. Apigee does no special processing on such collections, except to maintain the relationship among apps that are contained in an family.

Note: Characters you can use in the name are restricted to: A-Z0-9._\-$ %.


Updates an existing app family to change its name or the list of apps in the family. You must specify the entire request object, including the name property and apps property.

Regenerates the consumer keys for the named developer app. This allows you to regenerate the keys for an app in the case where the keys' security is compromised. New ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret values for the app are returned in the response.

Set the API key status of a developer app to 'approved' or 'revoked'.

A revoked app cannot access any API products and cannot invoke any API managed by Apigee Edge.

The HTTP status code for success is: 204 No Content.

Creates an app associated with a developer.

The name is the unique ID of the app, which can be different from the DisplayName attribute value that is displayed in the Apigee Edge management UI. If you don't provide a DisplayName when you create a developer app with this method, the name is used.

Sets a developer's status to active, inactive, or login_lock.

By default, the status of a developer is set to inactive. An Apigee developer with admin credentials can change a developer's status to 'active' using this API call.

If you set a developer's status to inactive, the developer will not be allowed to create apps, view and update her profile, and view statistics. Any apps created by the developer will be deactivated.

If you set a developer's status to login_lock, the developer will not be able to access his account or change his apps. However, his apps will remain active.

The HTTP status code for success is: 204 No Content.


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