Apigee dashboard

What is the Apigee Edge dashboard?

The Apigee Edge dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to Edge. It gives you a quick overall view of your API program -- patterns for API traffic, developer engagement, and developer apps. And, you can drill in on each chart for a more detailed view.

This dashboard has three charts:

  • Proxy Traffic -- Plots overall traffic for all of the APIs in an organization. See at a glance the error rate as a percentage of total traffic.
  • Developer Engagement -- Gives a quick sense of how developers are engaged with your APIs.
  • Developer Apps -- Breaks down API traffic by developer app. Shows you which apps are receiving the most traffic.

You can see this dashboard anytime by selecting Dashboard from the main Apigee Edge menu. For general information on using dashboards and exporting data, see Using the analytics dashboards.

Dashboard contents

Metric Description
Proxy traffic

All the API traffic for an organization over the selected period of time. Traffic, also called "throughput", represents the number of API requests and responses seen by an API organization.

Click the Proxy Performance link to drill down to a more detailed view.

Developer Engagement

Measures the average number of API calls for registered developers during the selected period of time.

Shows you active and highly active developers (greater than 50 transactions per hour). Also shown are the total number of developers who have signed up to use your APIs.

Click the Developer Engagement link to drill down to a more detailed view.

Note: It's possible that the Developer Engagement could reflect higher numbers for a Week timespan than for a Month. This is because engagement is calculated based on the average number of calls during a specific period of time (week/month). You could have a large number of developers register their apps, but for a period of time the apps are not generating traffic (perhaps because their apps are still in development). If traffic starts later, in the most recent week, then calculated engagement will be higher for the most recent week than over the previous month, because most of the traffic was generated in the most recent week.

Developer Apps

Traffic for your top-performing developer apps for the selected time period is displayed in this chart.

Click the Developer Apps link to drill down to a more detailed view.