Pivotal Cloud Foundry integration with Apigee Edge

On Thursday, May 19, 2016, Apigee announced that Apigee Edge is now an integrated API management provider in the Pivotal Cloud Foundry ecosystem. These release notes list features and prerequisites, along with links to additional resources.

For more information on the announcement, see the press release and the solutions page.

New features

The integration between Edge and Pivotal Cloud Foundry includes the following features:

  • The Apigee Edge Service Broker for Pivotal Cloud Foundry is listed in the Cloud Foundry Marketplace.
  • The Apigee Service Broker for Pivotal Cloud Foundry is deployable as a Tile using Ops Manager. For more information, see https://docs.pivotal.io/partners/deploying-with-ops-man-tile.html.
  • An Apigee Service instance can be created in an org/space.
  • You can bind a Route Service from an app or API on Pivotal Cloud Foundry to the Apigee Service instance.
  • An Apigee Edge API proxy is automatically created when a Route Binding is made from an app or API deployed on Pivotal Cloud Foundry using the Apigee Service Broker.
    • The API proxy that gets created is a simple ‘passthrough’ proxy with no policies, routes, or flows.
    • You can also auto-generate an Edge API proxy if an app or API in Pivotal Cloud Foundry exposes an /openApi.json route to an OpenAPI (OAI) Specification that describes its interface.


To use Edge with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, you need the following:

  • An Apigee Edge account (Public Cloud or Private Cloud) with an organization where API proxies can be created. To create an Edge account, see Creating an Apigee Edge account. For more about organizations, see Understanding organizations.
  • A Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime 1.7 installation with Route Services enabled.
  • Redis datastore (used by the broker to maintain route and binding configuration information).


For documentation, go to Edge integration with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.


Please post any bugs, feature requests, questions, and usage articles to the Apigee PCF Community Forum: https://community.apigee.com/spaces/134/integration.html