Monetize API products


The monetization feature enables you to monetize your API products that are bundled into API packages.

In Apigee Edge, an API product is a collection of API resources that are presented to developers as a bundle. If you want to monetize one or more resources, or see transaction records for those resources, you need to package them in an API product.

An API package is a collection of API products that is presented to developers as a bundle, and typically associated with one or more rate plans for monetization.

Creating an API product

You need to have one or more API products to create an API package. If you haven't already created API products, you can create them by using the management UI (see Create API products for details).

Or you can issue a POST request to the management API{org_name}/apiproducts

(see Create API Product for details).

Viewing API products

To view the API products created for an organization, select Products in the Publish tab in the management UI.

Or you can use the monetization API to retrieve the API products. Issue a GET request to


(this is equivalent to issuing a GET request to the Apigee management API{org_name}/apiproducts?expand=true

(see List API products).

For example:

$ curl -H "Accept:application/json" -X GET \
"{org_name}/products" \
-u email:password

The response should look something like this (only part of the response is shown):

  "product" : [ {
    "customAtt1Name" : "user",
    "customAtt2Name" : "response size",
    "customAtt3Name" : "content-length",
    "description" : "payment api product",
    "displayName" : "payment",
    "id" : "payment",
    "name" : "payment",
    "organization" : {
    "pricePoints" : [ ],
    "status" : "CREATED",
    "transactionSuccessCriteria" : "status == 'SUCCESS'"
  }, {
    "customAtt1Name" : "user",
    "customAtt2Name" : "response size",
    "customAtt3Name" : "content-length",
    "description" : "messaging api product",
    "displayName" : "messaging",
    "id" : "messaging",
    "name" : "messaging",
    "organization" : ...
    "pricePoints" : [ ],
    "status" : "CREATED",
    "transactionSuccessCriteria" : "status == 'SUCCESS'"
  } ],
  "totalRecords" : 2

Monetizing API products

You monetize your API products as follows:

  1. Create API packages, in which each package includes one or more API products.
  2. Create a transaction recording policy for each API product that you want to monetize. You can also do this for each API product before you create API packages.
  3. Create rate plans for each API package.

These steps entail various substeps, some of which are optional. For example, when you create an API package you must include one or more API products in the package. Optionally, you can specify minimum and maximum price points for an API product associated with a revenue share rate plan (price points set restrictions on the amounts that can be charged by developers to access resources in the API product). Developers see the minimum and maximum price points when they view the details for the API package in which the product belongs.

After you complete these steps, you can publish the packages and rate plans for viewing by developers.

Get help

For help, see Apigee Customer Support.

Next steps

If you've decided which of your API products you want to monetize, start putting those products into API packages. Learn how in Create API packages.