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Configure and manage developer programs

Configure and manage developer programs, as described in this section. See also What is a developer program?.

Explore the Developer Programs page

To access the Developer Programs page, select Publish > Developer Programs in the side navigation bar.

Developer programs

As highlighted in the figure, the Developer Programs page enables you to:

You create and connect to a developer program when creating an integrated portal.

Configure a developer program

To configure a developer program:

  1. Access the Developer Programs page.
  2. Click the row of the developer program that you want to configure.
  3. Manage the following, as required:

  4. Edit the developer program details:

    a. In the Program details section, click .
    c. Edit the name or description, as desired.
    d. Click Save.

Delete a developer program

Before you can delete a developer program, you must delete the portal associated with it.

To delete a developer program:

  1. Access the Developer Programs page.
  2. Position your cursor over the row associated with the developer program you want to delete to display the actions menu.
  3. Click .
  4. To confirm the delete operation:
    a. Type DELETE in the text field.
    b. Click Delete.