Create and connect to developer programs

An integrated portal must be connected to a developer program to manage portal user authentication. To understand developer programs and the authentication types supported, see Developer program overview.

You can create and connect to a developer program when creating an integrated portal.

The name of the developer program is defined as follows: orgname-portalname, where orgname is the organization name and portalname is defined using the portal name converted to all lowercase and with spaces removed. A developer program name can be changed later, as described in Configure and manage developer programs.

The first time you create a portal, a default developer program is created automatically. Each developer program contains a built-in identity provider that supports authentication using username and password, and an optional SAML identity provider. You can update and configure each identity provider, as described in Configure the identity provider.

After creating your first portal (and developer program), when creating subsequent portals you can select an existing developer program or create a new developer program. If you select an existing developer program, the portal will inherit the following:

In addition, ff the developer program is enrolled in the beta release of the developer team and audience management features, the portal will inherit the following: