This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about developer portals in Edge.

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Drupal 7 Portal Transition


What are the primary differences between integrated and Drupal-based portal development tools?

For a feature comparison between the integrated and Drupal-based portals, see Comparison of developer portal features.


How does the new SmartDocs feature compare to the Drupal 7-based version?

You may be familiar with SmartDocs used with Drupal 7 developer portals. See Using SmartDocs to document APIs.

SmartDocs in the integrated portal delivers many of the features you've come to expect in API reference documentation, as described in Publish your APIs. However, there are some key differences between the integrated and Drupal 7-based versions, as outlined in the following table.

Feature SmartDocs in integrated portal SmartDocs in Drupal 7 portal
OpenAPI Specification support Runs directly from an OpenAPI Specification. Uses a "meta-model" that interprets an OpenAPI Specification or WADL document in a lossy way.
Specification store Integrated with the specification store. (The specification store is on available in Classic Edge.) Not integrated with the specification store.
Custom templates Custom templates are not yet supported. Learn how to customize your theme. Supported. See About SmartDoc models and templates.

Is OpenAPI Specification 3.0.x supported with SmartDocs?

OpenAPI Specification 3.0.x is supported by the new SmartDocs available in the integrated portal. Expect improved support for the new features of the spec in the future.

What types of authentication are supported with SmartDocs?

The Try this API panel in SmartDocs works with unsecured endpoints or secured endpoints using Basic, API Key, or OAuth Authentication, based on the security method defined in your OpenAPI Specification. For OAuth, the following flows are supported: authorization code, implicit, password, and client credentials.

Is SmartDocs my only option for API documentation?

SmartDocs is Apigee's out-of-the-box solution to API documentation driven by an OpenAPI Specification, but Apigee recognizes that it's good to have options. For Drupal portals, the API Catalog module supports additional rendering solutions, such as the Swagger UI Field Formatter.