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Developer program overview

Understand developer programs and the authentication types supported.

What is a developer program?

A developer program defines the identity providers used for authentication and other aspects of the portal user registration and sign-in experience. Only when portal users authenticate with an identity provider can they access the entities that are scoped to the developer program.

Each portal is connected to a developer program. When creating an integrated portal, a new developer program is created and connected to the portal automatically.

The name of the developer program is defined as follows: orgname-portalname, where orgname is the organization name and portalname is defined using the portal name converted to all lowercase and with spaces removed. A developer program name can be changed later, as described in Configure and manage developer programs.

Supported authentication types

For integrated portals, you can define identity providers to support built-in (username and password) or SAML authentication.

Authentication type Description

The default option for all new developer programs, this authentication type requires users to pass their credentials (username and password) to the integrated portal for authentication.

To understand the sign-in experience from the user perspective, see Sign in to the portal using user credentials (built-in provider).

SAML (Beta)

Security assertion markup language (SAML) is a standard protocol for single sign-on (SSO) environment. SSO authentication using SAML enables users to log in to your Apigee Edge integrated portals without having to create new accounts. Users log in using their centrally managed account credentials.

To understand the sign in experience from the user perspective, see Sign in to the portal using SAML.

Benefits of SAML authentication for integrated portals

Configuring SAML as an identity provider for an integrated portal offers the following benefits:

  • Set up your developer program once and re-use it across multiple integrated portals. Choose your developer program when creating your integrated portal. Easily update or change the developer program as requirements evolve.
  • Take full control of user management
    Connect your company SAML server to the integrated portal. When users leave your organization and are deprovisioned centrally, they will no longer be able to authenticate with your SSO service to use the integrated portal.