Portal user management requests

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Portal user management requests are meant for creating and managing users in the Apigee Support Portal. Support Portal users can create, view, and update Support tickets or service requests.

Service request description Can I do this myself? How to perform this operation?
Onboard new users into support portal Yes Edge Support Portal user administration: adding new users/support contacts
Remove existing users from the support portal Yes Removing Users from Edge Support Portal
Reset the support portal user password Yes

You can reset the password from Apigee Edge Support:

  1. Go to Apigee Edge Support and navigate to the File a support ticket section.
  2. Click File a ticket.
  3. Click on Forgot Your Password? link in the Apigee Support Portal page.

If you have difficulties resetting the password, go through the suggested solutions provided here.

Update support portal admin contact in the support portal No Raise a service request with Support team