Using Apigee Test with Edge API proxies

When using Apigee Test to check the health of Edge API proxies, here some issues to take into consideration.

Trace calls

You can get more information about Apigee Test calls to your Apigee Edge API proxies by selecting the API proxy in the management UI, going to the Trace view, and clicking Start Trace Session. When Apigee Test calls that API proxy, the call shows up in Trace. For more information on Trace, see Using the Trace tool.

Handling quota

If your API proxies enforce quota, and you're concerned about Apigee Test failing due to reaching quota limits, consider creating a standalone API proxy that resets quota and include it as a step in your probe. For example, if your quota policy is configured to enforce quota based on client_id, trace one of the Apigee Test calls to the proxy, locate the client_id in the details section of trace, and use that ID in your reset quota policy. For more information on quota see, Quota policy.

Traffic limiting

Unless you're enforcing relatively small spike or concurrency limits, your Spike Arrest and Concurrent Rate Limit policies should be fine with regard to executing Test Cases with Probes, which at its fastest can only make calls every 30 seconds from 5 geographical locations. Even if you have an API proxy that enforces Spike Arrest or Concurrent Rate Limit on 20 resources, and you include calls to all 20 resources in a probe, that's only 5 locations * 20 resources, or about 100 calls every 30 seconds at most. For more information on traffic limiting, see Spike Arrest policy and Concurrent Rate Limit policy.

If you're using webhooks to execute Test Cases, be aware of your traffic limiting policy limits.

Monetized APIs

To use Apigee Test with monetized APIs, set up a dummy developer and developer app and make calls with that developer's API key or access token. Also set up a dummy rate plan that allows the number of calls that Apigee Test will be making.

Be sure dummy the developer is registered in your developer portal, which means accepting terms and conditions on behalf of the developer and purchasing the dummy rate plan. If the developer is prepaid, use the management API to top up the developer's balance. You could even include the API top-up call as a step in your probe. For more information, see:

No load testing

Apigee Test isn't designed for load testing. Don’t create a Test Case that has Step after Step of the same API call for the purpose of load testing, and don't load test with Test Case webhooks.

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