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Note: Most user interface tasks can be performed in Edge Classic or the New Edge experience. For an overview, getting started topics, and release notes specific to the New Edge experience, see the docs.

Mobile Analytics FAQ

Q: Can I use Mobile Analytics in conjunction with Google Analytics, Flurry, or Omniture?

A: Yes. Mobile Analytics is designed to be compatible with other popular mobile analytics packages. In fact, our analytics package is very complimentary. While other analytics packages such as Google Analytics tell you how many customers you have, Apigee mobile analytics tells you if your app is working for customers as expected. The two Apigee Mobile Analytic SDK packages are very complimentary.

Q: I don’t see a way to capture network metrics for my iOS device. Is there one?

A: The iOS SDK does not support network monitoring. This is one of the top features that we are still working on.

Q: I built my app with an HTML5 framework (such as Phonegap or Appcelerator). Can I use Mobile Analytics?

A: No. Currently, we only support native Android and iOS apps. In the future, we plan to have a JavaScript framework and Phonegap and Appcelerator plugins.

Q: How much lag time is there before my data shows up on the dashboard?

A: The total lag time depends on the the upload interval on the device and the time it takes to process the data on the server (approximately two minutes). Data is processed on the server almost immediately after it has been uploaded from the device. For example, if you set the upload interval to one minute, the approximate lag time will be about three minutes.

Q: What impact does Mobile Analytics have on my mobile users’ data usage and battery life?

A: The SDKs are designed to be as low impact as possible. Data is batched and sent in the background. Application developers can choose how often they want these uploads to happen. This helps reduce battery usage and network usage. Also, we limit the amount of data being sent each time to 64KB. If for any reason there are too many log files, or if the log messages are too long, we truncate the log files to minimize bandwidth usage.

Q: What impact does Mobile Analytics have on my app’s performance?

A: Our testing shows that the Mobile Analytics SDK has little to no impact on the performance of the application. Our threading model sends all data in the background so it does not degrade the performance of the app.

Q: What if my mobile users don’t have a network connection?

A: Mobile Analytics requires a network connection for uploading to data collection servers. Currently, the Mobile Analytics SDK purges the data if there is no network connection. In the future, we plan to queue the data on the device and send the data when a network connection is available.

Q: How much larger does Mobile Analytics make an application?

A: The Mobile Analytics SDK for iOS and Android is about 8MB and 2MB, respectively. The iOS SDK is this size because it is a universal binary that is build for different processors and operating systems. We will continue to reduce the size of the SDK in future releases.

Q: How can I export my data?

A: We plan to build an API to enable you to export your data to a CSV. Please visit the forum and let us know if you need this feature.

Q: I’ve just modified my configurations, but it isn’t reflected when I started or resumed my app. Why?

A: Configurations are not reloaded when an application is resumed from the background. New configurations are only picked up when the application restarts. This is to help ensure that the application behavior does not change for the user while they are using the application. We will work on a way to pick up new configurations when the app is resumed from the background.

For Android, there is an additional, though small, complication. When the app is started, it begins loading the new configuration in a background thread in order not to interrupt the starting of the app. This means that between the time the app starts and completes downloading the new configuration, there is a short amount of time (approximately one second) that the configuration is using the old configuration.

Q: Does Mobile Analytics collect data in the background while my app is running?

A: For Android, the data is collected in the background until the Android operating system explicitly kills the process. Depending on the phone, this can happen very quickly. For iOS, data collection stops immediately once the app is put in the background.

Q: How often does the library send data to the server?

A: By default, Mobile Analytics uploads data every minute. How often the data is uploaded, is configurable by you in the Application Configuration Settings in the Configuration Panel. This allows you to customize how often the data gets sent.

Q: Is it possible to delete or reset analytics data?

A: Once data is received and processed, it can’t be selectively deleted. Partly for this reason, we recommend creating two app id’s, one for development and one for production. This will keep your development and testing data separate.

Q: Can I combine my Android, BlackBerry, iOS, or Windows Phone apps with the same app?

A: Yes, this allows you to compare performance between different platforms and device models.

Q: I've looked through the documentation, and I've still got questions. Where can I get answers?

A: We'd love to hear from you. Please visit our forum and post questions. We’ll get back to you.

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