Advantages of Apigee hybrid

Apigee Hybrid has the following advantages:

Reduced cost of ownership
If you are an Apigee Edge for Private Cloud customer, hybrid allows you to operate your on-premises API runtime with far fewer software services to manage and operate.
Increased agility
Because hybrid is delivered and runs in containers, you can achieve staged rollouts, auto-scaling, and other operational benefits of a containerized system.
Reduced latency
All communication with the hybrid management plane is asynchronous and does not happen as part of processing client API requests.
Increased API adoption
If you are on Apigee Edge Public Cloud, you can increase your adoption of Apigee by processing internal APIs through hybrid. If you are using Edge Microgateway, you can expand your API adoption because hybrid overcomes key limitations of Edge Microgateway.
Multi-cloud and greater control
Many enterprises are embarking on a multi-cloud strategy. The ability to manage API runtimes deployed on multiple clouds (including private data centers) is a key requirement for large enterprises. Currently, the hybrid runtime plane can be deployed to AWS, Azure, GCP, or in your own data center.