Create API proxies

This section describes differences between the way you work with API proxies in Apigee hybrid and Apigee Edge. For more information on creating proxies in Edge, see the following:

Save a proxy revision

In Apigee hybrid, you create proxies just like you do for Edge Cloud or Edge for Private Cloud. For hybrid, there are a few differences in the way the proxy creation UI works. Those differences are discussed in the following sections.

Save a proxy revision

In hybrid, you cannot save a proxy without creating a new revision of it. For example, if you make any changes to an existing proxy and click Save, you will receive an error.

To redeploy a proxy that you changed, you need to save it as a new revision:

  1. In the Edge UI, open your proxy in the proxy editor and go to the Develop tab.
  2. Select Project > Save as new revision.
  3. In the Deployment menu, select the environment to deploy to.
  4. Click Deploy.