View deployment status

Deploying an API proxy on Apigee hybrid does not make it immediately available. It takes time for the proxy to be synchronized across all Message Processors in the runtime plane. However, Apigee provides tools that can give you some information about what the status might be.

You can get the deployment status of an API proxy in one of the following ways:

To view the deployment status of a proxy using the UI:

  1. Open the Edge Management UI in a browser.
  2. Select Develop > API Proxies. The UI displays a list of current API proxies for the selected environment.
  3. Select the proxy whose deployment status you want to view. The UI displays the API Proxies Overview tab. This view includes the Deployments, Proxy Endpoints, and Target Endpoints sections:


  4. Under Deployments, view the current status of each environment in your organization:


    Next to each Details link is a summary icon:

    Indicates that there are no errors or warnings for the pods in the environment.
    Indicates that there are one or more pods in the environment that require your attention.
    Indicates that there is an error with one or more pods in the environment that require your attention.

    When you first load the page, hybrid polls all Message Processors (MP) pods to get their current status. Apigee hybrid will poll the MPs for 5 minutes, hoping to get 100% of pods to report their status, which UI then updates in this view. After 5 minutes, you can instruct hybrid to begin polling again by refreshing this view.

  5. To view a summary of pod statuses, hover over the Details link for that environment. The UI displays the Runtime pods popup:



    • n pods in sync: The number of Message Processor (MP) pods that have reported the most recently deployed revision.

      Note that the deployment process is asynchronous, so not all pods will be in sync at the same time. After you deploy a new revision, the deployment is rolled out to the MPs in an "eventually consistent" manner.

    • n pods reported errors: The number of MPs that reported an error during the latest synchronization process.
    • n pods in unknown status: The number of MPs that hybrid has determined are active (within the last 5 minutes), but have not reported a status that is specific to the latest deployment (either success or failure). Because of the asynchronous nature of the deployment process, hybrid does not currently know which revision is deployed on these pods.

Alternatively, you can view the deployment status in the Develop tab, under the tabs. Hover over the Details link and the UI displays the Runtime pods popup:


During deployment, the UI displays a pod synchronization status bar. Next to this bar, the UI also displays pod status messages.

The pod synchronization status bar also shows the percentage of pods that have reported a status (any status) related to that revision within the last 5 minutes.

If you hover over the Pod synchronization status bar, the UI also displays the Runtime pods popup.

For Beta, to get the latest status information, use your browser to refresh the API Proxies Overview tab or change tabs from Overview to Develop or vice versa.

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