Deploy hybrid to your cluster

Use the Apigee hybrid command line interface apigeectl to deploy hybrid to your cluster.

To deploy hybrid to your cluster:

  1. Add the CLI executable apigeectl to your PATH. Throughout this documentation, it is assumed apigeectl is in your PATH.
  2. If you're on GKE, be sure you fetched your credentials before you run the following command.
  3. Execute the following command:
    apigeectl apply -v beta

    The pods running hybrid services in your runtime cluster may take a few minutes to start.

    If you get an error, see Troubleshooting.

  4. To check the status of your deployment, use the following kubectl command:
    kubectl get pods -n your_namespace

    You can also use the following apigeectl command:

    apigeectl check-ready -v beta

    When hybrid has deployed and all pods are running, apigeectl check-ready returns the following output:

    All containers ready in namespace 'your_namespace'

After the deployment completes, go to the next step to configure your hybrid organization to communicate with the MART server.


This section describes a common issue that you might encounter when you try to install hybrid.

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