Installation overview

This section describes the overall process for installing Apigee hybrid.

If you have not yet met any of these prerequisites, go back to Installation prerequisites and complete all of them before beginning your installation.

To install hybrid:

  1. Create an overrides.yaml file so that you can customize the hybrid installation.
  2. Configure your Apigee account information by adding your org name, environment name, and Apigee credentials to the overrides file. Optionally, change the default namespace.
  3. (GKE only) Configure replication if you set up your GKE cluster with a "Regional" location.
  4. Configure TLS for Cassandra to provide credentials for secure communication between runtime plane clients and the Cassandra database.
  5. Expose the MART endpoint so that the runtime plane can communicate with the management plane using the MART APIs.
  6. Expose the ingress so that it can accept API calls from outside the cluster.
  7. Add node selectors for your stateful or stateless nodes.
  8. (Optional) Configure logging and metrics collection for your cluster.
  9. (GKE only) Fetch your cluster credentials if you are using a GKE cluster.
  10. Deploy hybrid to your cluster.
  11. Configure your organization to use MART so that it can communicate with the runtime plane.

Let's Go!

After the installation is complete, you can go ahead and test it!