Beta Release Notes

The following are known issues with Apigee Hybrid Beta:

Issue Description
Truststore references

If you want to configure TLS to a backend target, you cannot use a reference to the truststore in the TargetEndpoints or TargetServer definition of the API proxy. A reference lets you specify a variable that contains the name of the truststore, rather than specifying the truststore name directly. Currently in hybrid, you must use the truststore name in your target configuration.

For more information, see Configuring TLS from Edge to the backend.

Property sets

You cannot create API proxy-scoped property sets via the management API. You can create property sets scoped to an API proxy with the UI only.

For more information, see Property sets.

Installation During installation, you might get an unable to recognize "STDIN": no matches for kind "Gateway" error. This is due to a timing issue with some pods taking longer than expected to start up. For a resolution, see Troubleshooting.
Edge UI Clicking just the Save button in the Develop tab after making a change in the UI fails silently. You cannot simple save changes to an existing proxy, as this is considered saving a fragment of a proxy which is forbidden.

Instead, you must select the drop-down and select Save as new revision.

Unsupported Apigee Edge features

The following Apigee Edge features are not supported in the hybrid Beta release:

  • API Monitoring
  • Portal
  • Extensions
  • Flow hooks (Alpha only)
  • Monetization
  • Sense
  • Node.js deployments (Trireme), Hosted Targets
  • Trace
  • Southbound TLS
  • Virtual hosts (they still exist, but the hybrid runtime does not use virtual hosts)
  • Encrypted key value map (KVM) data

    About KVM support: In the hybrid Beta version, you cannot create KVMs in the Edge UI. For example, you can use the KeyValueMapOperations policy with the <InitialEntries> element to initialize and populate an (unencrypted) KVM.