Service configuration overview

The Apigee hybrid runtime plane is made up of a variety of services. Each service is deployed on nodes within your cluster, and each one can be configured using the overrides.yaml file.

This section describes common configuration tasks you typically perform on your runtime services:

Service Description Configuration Object Implemented As
Cassandra The runtime datastore that provides Apigee core persistence services (CPS) for the runtime plane. cassandra StatefulSet
Ingress/LoadBalancer Manages inbound requests. You are responsible for managing your own custom Ingress configuration for production traffic. ingress 3rd-party proxy
Logger Extracts log files and sends the data the monitoring application associated with your GCP account (currently Stackdriver). For more information, see Logging. logger DaemonSet
MART The Management API for Runtime data (MART) accesses and manages data entities on the runtime plane, such as KMS (API keys and OAuth tokens), quotas, and API products. mart Deployment
Message Processor Brings the entire functionality of Apigee Edge related to API request processing and policy execution to the runtime plane. mp Deployment
Metrics Collects metrics data for display. metrics Deployment
Synchronizer Fetches configuration data about an API environment from the management plane to the runtime plane. sync DaemonSet
UDCA Extracts analytics and deployment status data and sends it to the UAP service in the management plane so that you can access it with the management UI. For more information, see Analytics and deployment status data collection. udca ReplicaSet