Configure Cassandra

This section describes common configuration processes for the Cassandra service in your Apigee hybrid runtime plane.

Configure Cassandra storage

The Cassandra database requires a local storage volume. This section explains how to configure that volume in your Kubernetes deployment.

GKE storage configuration

You can rely on the dynamic GCE persistent disk provisioner or configure locally attached SSD disks per node in the node pool for Cassandra. You only need to specify the disk size required. Below is an example. This is the default configuration given in the examples/gke-*.yaml files:

    type: gcepd
    capacity: 50Gi

CNCF-conformant Kubernetes storage configuration

You must configure a volume on the Kubernetes worker nodes before installing Hybrid. Configure the path the volume was mounted to on the Kubernetes worker nodes and provide a list of nodes used for Cassandra. This is the default configuration given in the examples/ossk8s-*.yaml files.


    type: local
    capacity: 50Gi
        - ip-10-50-92-112.ec2.internal
        - ip-10-50-93-198.ec2.internal
        - ip-10-50-99-225.ec2.internal