Expose the MART endpoint

The Apigee Hybrid management plane must be able to reach the MART service in the runtime plane. For this reason, you must expose the MART endpoint to requests coming from outside of the cluster. The MART endpoint is a secure TLS connection. Hybrid uses an Istio ingress gateway service to expose traffic to this endpoint.

To expose the MART endpoint:

  1. Open the overrides.yaml file for edit if it is not already open.
  2. Add the mart.sslCertPath, mart.sslKeyPath, and mart.hostAlias properties. The following table describes these properties:
    Property Value
    mart.sslCertPath (Required)

    The path on your system to a trusted TLS certificate file. Self-signed certs are not allowed.

    mart.sslKeyPath (Required)

    The path on your system to a TLS key file.

    mart.hostAlias. (Required) A qualified DNS name for the MART server endpoint. For example, foo-mart.mydomain.com.

    For example, where the host alias is a qualified domain name:

      sslCertPath: path-to-file/mart-server.crt
      sslKeyPath: path-to-file/mart-server.key
      hostAlias: foo-mart.mydomain.com
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Go to the next step, Enable Synchronizer access.

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