Step 5: Enable the Apigee API service

After Apigee provisions your Hybrid organization and sends you a confirmation email, you can enable the Apigee API service for the project.

The Apigee API service provides communications between your project and other Hybrid services and GCP APIs. The GCP project requires that this service be enabled.

To enable the Apigee API service for your GCP project:

  1. Open the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Console and log in with the account you created in Step 1: Create a GCP account.
  2. Select the project that you created in Step 3: Create a GCP project.
  3. Select APIs & Services > Library.
  4. Search for “Apigee”.
  5. Locate the Apigee API service and click on it:

  6. Click Enable.

    GCP enables the Apigee Service API for your GCP project.

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