Beta 2 Release Notes

Known issues

The following are known issues with Apigee hybrid Beta 2:

Issue Description

Summary: There is a very high latency when using the API or UI to get your organization's deployment status. This latency can result in an HTTP 204 (No Content) or an HTTP 400 (Bad Request) response.

Workaround: Refresh your browser (or resend the request).


Summary: Proxy and path option in the products page is not working

Detail: The Hybrid UI's Add API resource dialog is misleading regarding sub-paths. The UI currently indicates that a proxy request will match "/sub_path**", when in fact it will match "/sub_path/**", regardless of whether there is a conditional flow.

In addition, the UI only shows the API product path combined with one basepath, even when there are multiple basepaths.


Summary: The update developer apps API does not support all documented input fields.


Summary: Synchronizer fails when file system gets too full. This is due to the Kubernetes garbage collection process: it is not triggered until it reaches 85% by default.

Workaround: Lower the threshold for garbage collection, as described in Configuring kubelet Garbage Collection.

Unsupported Apigee Edge features

The following Apigee Edge features are not currently supported in the Apigee hybrid Beta 2 release:

  • API Monitoring
  • Analytics
    • Async queries
    • Data export
  • Analytics data export
  • Apigee Adapter for Istio
  • Extensions
  • Monetization
  • Sense
  • Hosted Targets
  • Microgateway
  • Trace
  • SOAP services in the Proxy Wizard
  • Statistics Collector Policy
  • TLS variables
  • Distributed Spike Arrest
  • TLS KeyStore/TrustStore references
  • Integrated portal
  • Drupal 8 support
  • Virtual hosts (they still exist, but the Hybrid runtime does not use virtual hosts)
  • Encrypted Key Value Maps (KVMs)
  • Property sets (previously supported in Hybrid Beta 1)

Apigee does not plan to support the following features in version 1 of Hybrid:

  • Trireme
  • Concurrent Rate Limit Policy
  • OAuth v1
  • Drupal 7
  • Management APIs to manipulate KVM entries
  • Management APIs to revoke OAuth access tokens

Invalid HTTP Header error

The Istio ingress switches all incoming target responses to the HTTP2 protocol. Because the hybrid message processor only supports HTTP1, you may see the following error when an API proxy is called:

http2 error: Invalid HTTP header field was received: frame type: 1, stream: 1,
   name: [:authority], value: [domain_name]

If you see this error, you can take either of the following actions to correct the problem:

  • Modify the target service to omit the Host header in the response.
  • Remove the Host header using the AssignMessage policy in your API proxy if necessary.