In Apigee hybrid, MART (Management API for Runtime data) interacts with the local Cassandra datastore. It serves as an API provider for public Apigee APIs to access and manage runtime data entities such as KMS (API Keys and Oauth tokens), KVM, Quota, and API products.

The Cassandra database stores information about following entities generated during API runtime:

  • KMS data
  • KVM data
  • Cache
  • Oauth tokens
  • Quota

The MART server acts as an API server for accessing and managing this data. MART connects to the local runtime Cassandra datastore. Apigee API calls to access and manage these entities are sent from the management server in the Apigee Cloud to the local MART server.

MART log files

Logs are a good way to troubleshoot problems with your installation. See Logging for details.

MART error codes

The following error codes can occur in the MART logs:

Error Description


Occurs when routing.service.enable is set to false in this file in the MART pod: /opt/apigee/edge-hybrid-mart-server/conf/routing-service.properties

Occurs when the org does not have a value for the org property: features.mart.server.endpoint


Occurs when the AuthN-AuthZ service returns a non-200 response code or an invalid token


Occurs when the org property features.mart.server.endpoint has a null or empty value.


Occurs when the org property features.mart.server.endpoint has a value starting with "http://" when mart.routing.https.validation.enable is set to true in this file in the MART pod: /opt/apigee/edge-hybrid-mart-server/conf/routing-service.properties