Delete an API proxy

You can use the Apigee hybrid UI to delete an API proxy. When you delete an API proxy, hybrid removes that proxy from the UI and undeploys it from the cluster.

Deleting an API proxy is similar to undeploying a proxy, except that you can return to edit the revision that you undeploy. If you delete the proxy, it is no longer available to edit.

To delete an API proxy in the hybrid UI:

  1. Open Apigee hybrid UI in a browser and click API Proxies in the main view.

    Alternatively, you can select Develop > API Proxies in the left navigation menu.

  2. From the Environment drop-down list, select the environment that contains the proxy you want to delete.

    The hybrid UI displays a list of existing API proxies for that environment, as the following example shows:

  3. Hover over the row that contains the proxy you want to delete. In the MODIFIED column, a trash barrel icon appears, as the following example shows:

  4. Click the trash barrel icon.

    The hybrid UI prompts you to confirm that you want to delete the proxy:

  5. Click Delete.

    The hybrid UI begins the process of deleting the proxy.

    Note that this does not trigger a rollback to a previous revision of the proxy.

    For information on how to check the status of the newly deleted proxy, see View deployment status.