Deploy an API proxy

After you create a new API proxy or make a change to an existing one, you can deploy it to your cluster in one of the following ways:

To deploy an API proxy in the hybrid UI:

  1. Open the Apigee hybrid UI in a browser.
  2. Select Develop > API Proxies.

    The UI diplays a list of proxies and their statuses:

  3. From the Environment drop-down list, select the environment to which you want to deploy the proxy.
  4. Click the proxy that you want to deploy.

    The UI displays the API Proxies Overview tab. This view includes the Deployments, Proxy Endpoints, and Target Endpoints sections:

    If this is a new API proxy that you have not deployed before (or a proxy that you have undeployed), the Revision column shows "Not deployed".

  5. In the Revision column, expand the drop-down selector.

    If this is a new API proxy that has never been deployed before, the drop down list displays only "1" and "Undeploy":

    For proxies with multiple revisions, the drop-down list displays all revisions that you can choose from as well as "Undeploy".

  6. Select the revision that you want to deploy from the drop down list.

    The UI prompts you to confirm the deployment:

  7. Click Deploy.

    The UI begins the process of deploying the selected revision. In the Runtime pods column, the UI provides a status bar that indicates deployment progress. When deployment is complete, the column should display a green dot indicating a successful deployment:

    Note that deployment is not an instantaneous process. hybrid's "eventually" consistent" deployment model means that a new deployment will be rolled out to the cluster over a short period of time and not immediately. For more information, see About deployment.

    For information on what the status indicators mean and how to check the status, see View deployment status.

Alternatively, you can deploy the current revision you are editing in the Develop tab. When you do this, hybrid creates a new revision for you.

  1. Click the Deploy to: env_name drop-down list in the upper right of the UI, under the tabs:

    The UI displays a list of environments. In the Revision column, the UI lists the currently deployed revision (or "‑‑" if none).

  2. Click Deploy revision to deploy the revision that you most recently edited.

    The UI prompts you to confirm the deployment.

  3. Click Deploy.

    The UI begins the process of deploying the selected revision.