UI overview

This section describes common tasks that you perform with the Apigee hybrid UI. The hybrid UI lets you perform most of the same functionality as Apigee Edge, plus hybrid-specific functionality such as:

Open the hybrid UI

There are multiple ways to open the hybrid UI so that you can manage your API proxies, environments, and other aspects of your organization:

The hybrid UI is similar to the New Edge Experience. Developer tasks, such as creating and editing API proxies, controlling proxies with flows, and handling faults, are very similar. Some administrative and operational tasks, however, such as managing users and deploying API proxies, are very different from the Edge UI. The topics in Administer describe the processes that are different.

To open the hybrid UI from outside of the GCP Console:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to https://apigee.google.com.

To open the hybrid UI from within the GCP Console:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Console.
  2. Under the hamburger menu, select Apigee:

    Three lines that form the burger menu in the upper right of the Console

    The Apigee option in the GCP Console's left hand navigation