Component* Role Required for basic install? Description
apigee-cassandra Storage Object Admin Allows Cassandra backups to Google Cloud Storage (GCS), as described in Backup and recovery.
apigee-logger Logs Writer Allows logging data collection, as described in Logging. Only required for non-GKE cluster installations.
apigee-mart No role Allows MART service authentication. This service account should not have a role associated with it; as a result, when you create this service account, do not assign a role to it.
apigee-metrics Monitoring Metric Writer Allows metrics data collection, as described in Metrics collection
apigee-org-admin Apigee Organization Admin Lets you call the getSyncAuthorization API and setSyncAuthorization API. You cannot create this service account with the create-service-account tool.
apigee-synchronizer Apigee Synchronizer Manager Allows the synchronizer to download proxy bundles and environment configuration data. Also enables operation of the trace feature.
apigee-udca Apigee Analytics Agent Allows the transfer of trace, analytics and deployment status data to the management plane.
* This name is used in the downloaded service account key's filename.