Versioning and terminology

Apigee hybrid is a platform that consists of a runtime plane, management plane, and a set of GCP services that let you manage APIs across multi-cloud environments.


The following table summarizes the various stages of release for components of Apigee hybrid:

Platform Component Hybrid Service Release
Management Plane
Analytics/UAP GA
Apigee APIs GA
Apigee hybrid UI GA
Integrated portal GA
Runtime/containerized apps
Apigee Connect Beta
All other runtime components 1.2.x

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The Apigee documentation refers to the following different flavors of Apigee APIs:

  • Apigee APIs:
    • Purpose: Configure and manage your hybrid-enabled Apigee organization
    • Base URL: ""
    • Notes: See the Apigee API documentation
  • Apigee Edge APIs:
    • Purpose: Configure and manage Apigee Edge (and Edge for Private Cloud)
    • Base URL: “”
    • Notes: Not for use with a hybrid-enabled Apigee organization


An Apigee organization is a container for all the entities in an Apigee account, including API proxies, API products, API packages, apps, and developers. This document uses the terms Apigee organization or hybrid-enabled organization interchangeably.

To install and use hybrid, you must have an Apigee organization that is bound to a GCP project. You do this when you create the organization in a process known as provisioning.

An Apigee organization is not the same as a GCP organization. Where the possibility of ambiguity exists, this document should specify that the “organization” is an Apigee organization.

Additional terminology

For additional definitions of hybrid-related terminology, see the Glossary.