Define target servers

You can use target server definitions to abstract the location of a backend resource out of your API proxy. This makes moving and maintaining API proxies easier.

To define a target server in the hybrid UI:

  1. Open the Apigee hybrid UI in a browser.
  2. Select Admin > Environments > Target Servers.
  3. From the Environment drop-down list, select the environment to which you want to define a new target server.

    The hybrid UI displays a list of current target servers in the selected environment:

  4. Click the +Target server button in the upper right of the UI to add a new target server to the selected environment.

    The Add target server dialog box displays:

  5. Click Enabled. This instructs hybrid to enable the new target server definition immediately after you create it.
  6. Enter a name, host, and port in the fields provided. Optionally select the SSL checkbox. For more information about these fields, see Target Servers (4MV4D video).
  7. Click Add.

    Hybrid creates the new target server definition.

  8. After you create a new target server, you can edit your API proxy and change the <HTTPTargetConnection> element to reference the new definition.