Post installation tasks

Edge for Private Cloud v. 4.17.01

After you have completed the installation and created an organization, you can perform several types of post-installation tasks.

View Edge status

In the Ops Manager, select the Edge tile, then select the Status tab to see the status of all Edge components. In this tab, you can see information such as the CPU usage, memory usage, and other information

Access logs

To access log files for an Edge component, you have to first go to the Status tab and request a download of the log file by selecting the download icon in the LOGS column. Then, go to the Logs tab to download the log file locally.

Access default passwords

The installer creates default passwords for many Edge components, including Postgres, Cassandra, and others. Typically, you will not need to use these passwords.

If you do require one of the passwords, use the following procedure to obtain it:

  1. Open the Ops Manager
  2. Select the Edge Tile.
  3. Select the Credentials tab.
  4. Select Link to Credentials next to the component you are interested in. For example, select it for Cassandra Password. You should see output in the form below, which includes the password:
  5. Use that password to access the component.

Modify the Edge installation

Modifying the Edge installation is similar to installing Edge. On the Settings tab, browse to the area that you want to modify, and then save your changes.

Then return to the main Ops Manager page and select Apply Changes.