Apigee mTLS (Alpha 2)

Edge for Private Cloud v4.19.01

The Apigee mTLS feature adds security to communications between components in your Edge for the Private Cloud cluster.


To get started, download the Apigee mTLS Installation Guide (Alpha 2).


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Known Issues

The following table lists known issues with Apigee mTLS (Alpha 2):

Issue ID Description

yum-cron's automatic updating disables mTLS. (Automatic updates cause yum to remove generated runtime configuration files when an update executes.)

To prevent automatic updates:

  1. Stop yum-cron by executing the following command:
    systemctl stop yum-cron
  2. Edit the /etc/yum/yum-cron.conf and edit the following properties:


    • apply_updates determines whether yum installs updates when they are available
    • download_updates determines whether yum downloads updates at all

    To prevent yum from automatically installing updates, set one or both of these properties to "no".

  3. Restart yum-cron by executing the following command:
    systemctl start yum-cron
  4. Repeat these steps on each node.

For more information about yum-cron, see the yum-cron man page.