Update Edge to 4.19.01 using Ops Manager

When the Edge for Private Cloud version 19.01.05 tile is available, it appears in the Ops Manager as shown below:

To update Edge version from 4.18.05 to 4.19.01:

  1. Download the product file from the Pivotal Network.
  2. In the Ops Manager, select Import a Product to upload the product tile.
  3. Select the plus (+) icon to accept the tile. The v19.01.05 tile replaces the existing tile.
  4. Only if you have enabled Monetization:
    1. Select Config Overrides in the Settings tab.
    2. Specify the following value under Apigee Global Config Overrides:
    3. Select Save.
  5. Select Apply changes to start the update. When the update completes, you return to the Ops Manager.

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