2.2.0 - Apigee Insights Release Notes

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New features

  • User and account onboarding improvements
    • Ability to invite other users to current organization
    • Share data and analysis within all users of the organization.
  • Security improvements
    • Security improvements for all web services
    • R script improvements to use configuration file for access
  • Enhanced journey analytics
    • Ability to analyze journey using top start / end / most occurring events
  • Reporting improvements for activity based predictions
  • Improved support for R APIs on Windows
  • Product picker for integration and access to other Apigee products
  • Enhancements to data upload and improved error reporting
  • Performance improvements to data processing
  • Usability improvements
    • Tooltips, context help, console improvements
    • New terminology based on user studies and feedback
  • Simplified job management page in UI
  • Enhancements to Insights Recommendations tutorial
  • Additional sample datasets

Impact to existing users

  • Mandatory R package upgrade. All users who have downloaded the Apigee Insights R client packages previously must upgrade to version 2.2.0. This is due to a security enhancement on the Insights Web APIs.
  • Existing journey views will be unusable. Existing journey views will be incompatible with the new release functionality and will be marked inactive. Users will have to clone or recreate existing journey views.
  • Due to reporting improvements, the old reports generated on a model will look different than the new reports for the exact same project.
  • Targeted lists generated on existing journey objects will remain valid and usable but they cannot be cloned again because the underlying journey views will be invalidated.