2.3.x Edge Microgateway release notes

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These are the release notes for Apigee Edge Microgateway versions 2.3.x

Installation note

Some previous versions of Edge Microgateway let you install the software by downloading a ZIP file. These ZIP files are no longer supported. To install Edge Microgateway, you must use:

npm install -g edgemicro

Refer to the installation topic for more details.

Release 2.3.0-beta

Following are the new features and enhancements for this release:

Zero-downtime reload feature

After making a configuration change to Edge Microgateway, you can load the configuration without dropping any messages. With this change, Edge Microgateway always starts in cluster mode, and he --cluster option has been removed from the edgemicro start command.

In addition, three new CLI commands have been added:

  • edgemicro status - Checks to see if the Edge Microgateway is running or not.
  • edgemicro stop - Stops the Edge Microgateway cluster.
  • edgemicro reload - Reloads the Edge Microgateway configuration with no downtime.

Added version information to CLI

A --version flag was added to the CLI. To get the current version of Edge Microgateway, use:

edgemicro --version

New Edge Microgateway server SSL options

Edge Microgateway now supports the following server SSL options in addition to key and cert:

Option Description
pfx Path to a pfx file containing the private key, certificate, and CA certs of the client in PFX format.
passphrase A string containing the passphrase for the private key or PFX.
ca Path to a file containing a list of trusted certificates in PEM format.
ciphers A string describing the ciphers to use separated by a ":".
rejectUnauthorized If true, the server certificate is verified against the list of supplied CAs. If verification fails, an error is returned.
secureProtocol The SSL method to use. For example, SSLv3_method to force SSL to version 3.
servername The server name for the SNI (Server Name Indication) TLS extension.

Allow custom API endpoint for configuration

There are new configurable endpoints for the authorization proxy that support the use of a custom auth service. These endpoints are:

  • edgeconfig:verify_api_key_url
  • edgeconfig:products

For details, see Using a custom auth service.

Send log files to stdout

You can send log data to standard output with a new configuration setting:

    to_console: true  

See Managing log files.