Apigee Developer Services Portal Release Notes - 7.x-4.23

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On July 25, 2013, we released an updated to Apigee Developer Services portal.

Features and Enhancements

  • Upgrade from Drupal 7.21 to 7.23 (maintenance fixes only, no security issues).
  • New Profile-based Drupal installer.
  • Integration with Apigee MINT (monetization & commerce).
  • Pluggable error handling. New hooks are exposed which allow customer-specific modules to modify any error or status notification generated by the Devconnect modules.
  • Legal module is now integrated. When enabled, it offers a more robust way of managing Terms of Service acceptance.
  • Devconnect username:password and org can be set from the command line via drush.
  • Developer App detail page is now created without a template file (if custom template file does not exist), and new hooks are exposed to allow modification of its contents and layout. If a custom theme exists that overrides the old developer app detail page template, that template is used; otherwise, the page is created as a Drupal render-array which can then be modified via hooks.
  • Developer App creation date is now passed as an available field for display on the Developer App detail page. It is not shown by default, but custom modules implementing certain hooks can enable its display.
  • Callback URLs can be required, optional, or hidden altogether. This is controlled via the Dev Portal admin page.
  • API Products can be configured as single or multiple, with a default value, required or optional, or even hidden altogether. This is controlled via the Dev Portal admin page.
  • Developer Apps, Developers and API Products are now wrapped as entities. Test cases were written for each. It’s no longer necessary for a developer to have any knowledge of the internals of the Management API SDK; the familiar entity_load and entity_save functions can be used to access all functionality.
  • Developer Apps now expose tokens. If the Rules module is enabled, these can be used when three new events fire: on app creation, update and deletion.
  • When update.php is run, obsolete Devconnect_* modules are disabled (they will be removed in R24):
    • devconnect_apigee (contained old class libraries that are no longer used)
    • devconnect_validate (no longer needed since we are moving to Pantheon)
    • devconnect_faq_ext
  • The following obsolete devconnect-related modules were removed:
    • devconnect_api_content_types
    • devconnect_api_views
    • devconnect_cdn
    • devconnect_node_settings
    • devconnect_readonlymode_ext
  • Default content and structure is now persisted as a set of features. This allows from-scratch installs to set up a working instance of the dev portal.
  • Dependency on node_reference module was removed.
  • DevChan modules now work correctly when Japanese language is enabled.
  • Added translation strings for Japanese translation.
  • Developer Sync now synchronizes all KMS developers with local Drupal users, as well as the old behavior of synchronizing local Drupal users with KMS. It also assigns administrator roles to each user who is configured as an org administrator in KMS.
  • Developer Sync can now be run via drush.
  • Added accounts.apigee.com single-sign-on (available to *.apigee.com domains).
  • Both Apigee SSO and Google SSO set administrator roles on a user whose email is configured as an administrator in KMS.
  • Improved detection and pre-population of first/last name and email in Google SSO.
  • On the DevChan Management API admin page, there is now a “test connection” button to test KMS connection parameters.
  • Added devconnect_key_value_map module which conceals the complexities of dealing with the Management API SDK when dealing with Key-Value Maps.
  • WYSIWYG module has been deprecated and removed from distribution in favor of CKEditor & CKEditor link modules. (WYSIWYG should be COMPLETELY REMOVED from any installation).
  • CKEditor has been upgraded to version 4.2.1.
  • CKEditor configured to use media, media_embed and media_youtube to manage uploaded and internet-sourced media.
  • Added drush command to upgrade from >=R22.
  • Completely new OPDK install script & install guide PDF.


  • Ampersands are now forbidden as part of developer app names. Presence of ampersands formerly caused site breakage.
  • Organization passwords containing non-URL-friendly characters no longer cause breakage.
  • Exceptions will no longer be thrown on user_save if KMS credentials have not yet been set up.