Mobile Application Performance Monitoring goes open source

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Apigee's Mobile Application Performance Monitoring (Mobile APM) and app configuration and A/B testing features are now open source. Developers can either host Mobile APM and app configuration in a public or private cloud and integrate it with their usage of Apache Usergrid.

Mobile APM helps developers monitor mobile app errors, crashes, and network performance issues. In addition to monitoring, Mobile APM enables developers to push configurations and feature flags to smartphones and devices without forcing the mobile user to update their apps. Mobile APM has been used to monitor mobile apps on millions of iOS, Android, and HTML5 devices.

Mobile APM is a powerful and compelling BaaS add-on for mobile devices that "provides automatic monitoring of critical metrics that can help you find bugs, optimize app performance, identify network bottlenecks, and understand usage patterns."

Mobile APM was open sourced by Apigee via a Github Pull Request submitted by Prabhat Jha here: It is a standalone Java web application requiring MySQL and runs separately from, but integrates with, Apigee's API BaaS or Apache Usergrid.

In the API BaaS admin portal, the Monitoring feature has been retired, along with the corresponding API BaaS "App Monitoring" and "Configure" content in the Apigee documentation.

For the official announcement, see

If you have questions on the open sourcing of Mobile APM, leave a question on the Apigee Community.


Mobile APM was originally developed by a startup called InstaOps, which was subsequently acquired by Apigee in 2012. It was then integrated with API BaaS, Apigee's commercial offering of Apache Usergrid that’s packaged with Apigee Edge.


Q. What does this mean to me as I have been using Mobile APM in the Apigee Public Cloud?

A. Nothing will change for you.

Q. I use Apigee’s API BaaS. Can I use Mobile APM with Apigee’s Public Cloud hosted API BaaS?

A.Not yet. We are working on making that happen. No timeline at this point.

Q. I am using the SDK with my apps at this time but would like to stop using Mobile APM. Would I need to make changes to my apps?

A. No changes will be needed at this time.

Q. Is this a MIT or Apache licensed product?

A. No.

Q. Can I use the Mobile APM product with Apigee Edge that I use in my Public/Private Cloud?

A. Yes. There is nothing restricting this usage.

Q. Will there be any feature enhancements or bug fixes in the future?

A. There are no immediate plans.