Edge for Private Cloud: All Versions

Apigee Edge for Private Cloud provides infrastructure for apps, APIs, and analytics. Edge components include API Services, Developer Services, and Analytics Services.

Key features

Apigee Edge for Private Cloud provides:

  • Transformation between a number of API protocols
  • Additional Node.js development environment for building APIs and server-side apps
  • Control over access to APIs via security schemes and quotas
  • Protection mechanisms to prevent data exposure and security threats
  • API versioning management
  • Controlling and throttling of API traffic
  • Analytics dashboards and custom reports
  • A developer portal to onboard developers and apps, analytics and host API documentation
  • Hybrid deployment option using Edge Microgateway

Deployment options

Apigee Edge for Private Cloud can be deployed in the following ways:

  • Virtual or physical hardware with any number of cores
  • Single or multi-data center, with active/active or active/standby configurations

Deployments require a supported OS and other packages as described in the Installation requirements.

Get started with 4.19.06 (latest version)

Previous versions

This section provides links to release notes and other documentation for each earlier versions of Edge for Private Cloud.

Version Installing         Operations & Config Installing Portal External Auth Monitoring Dashboard* Troubleshooting Guide Release Notes
v4.19.01                     HTML HTML HTML HTML n/a HTML/PDF HTML
v4.18.05                     HTML HTML HTML HTML n/a HTML/PDF HTML
v4.18.01  not_interested HTML HTML HTML HTML n/a PDF HTML
v4.17.09  not_interested HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML PDF HTML
v4.17.05  not_interested HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML PDF HTML
v4.17.01  not_interested HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML PDF HTML
v4.16.09  not_interested HTML HTML HTML HTML PDF (Beta)** n/a HTML
v4.16.05  not_interested HTML/PDF HTML/PDF HTML/PDF PDF PDF (Alpha) n/a HTML
v4.16.01  not_interested HTML n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a HTML
* Before you can install and use the Apigee Monitoring Dashboard, you must complete the Apigee Evaluation Agreement (PDF) and return it to Apigee by emailing it to orders@apigee.com.
** The Dashboard was in the Beta release stage for this release. To read about Beta releases and how they are supported, see Edge release stages.
not_interestedVersions marked with this icon are considered unsupported. For more information, see Apigee deprecation policy.


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