17.10.09 - Apigee Edge for Public Cloud release notes

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On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, we began releasing a new version of Apigee Edge for Public Cloud.

New features and updates

Following are the new features and updates in this release.

Issue ID Description

Self-service virtual hosts for Edge Cloud (Beta for Edge paid plans)

This release of Edge for the Cloud includes the Beta release of self-service virtual hosts. Self-service virtual hosts let Edge Cloud customers on paid accounts create, modify, and delete virtual hosts. Previously, these actions had to be performed by Apigee Support.

Before you begin to use this feature, ensure that you have reviewed the FAQ and all Beta documentation.

The documentation for this Beta release includes:

Name validations on new entities
When you create new entities, Apigee validates the names to enforce naming rules. Entities being validated on creation or update are: API proxies, policies (and policy names in API proxy definitions), virtual hosts, roles, caches, target servers, data masks for debugging, keystores and truststores, and resource files in API proxies. See Naming and input error advisories for naming restrictions on these entities.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release. This list is primarily for users checking to see if their support tickets have been fixed. It's not designed to provide detailed information for all users.

Issue ID Component Name Description
MGMT-4219 API Management MGMT to send org and env header to blobstore
MGMT-4065 API Management Support enabled for PKS format certs
MGMT-3782 API Management Optimal default consistency level value for identity-zone
MGMT-3913 API Management Resolve timeout issue for retrieving OAuth2 tokens by an appId
MGMT-4177 API Management Ability to disable Basic Authentication Scheme in SecurityProfile
MGMT-3978 API Management Need a CWC token to set JVM_OPTIONS on all Java components
API Management Auto URL-encode special characters in permission paths for custom roles
APIRT-4801 API Runtime Upgrade CPS version to 1.1.14
APIRT-4767 API Runtime JavaScript step should use always use UTF-8 for content
APIRT-4725 API Runtime Fixed OAuth service NPE issue
APIRT-4691 API Runtime Allow time to drain connections before killing unhealthy service
APIRT-4644 API Runtime Basic authorization for BlobstoreService
APIRT-4636 API Runtime Sense Action should continue to function if Zookeeper is down
APIRT-4635 API Runtime Reuse refresh token attribute support enabled for OAuth policies
APIRT-4632 API Runtime Rolling window quota counter not being calculated accurately
APIRT-4584 API Runtime Flow hook not deploying consistently, ZooKeeper check not working
APIRT-4542 API Runtime The MP Sense Task ended without notice
APIRT-4522 API Runtime Analytics doesn't work for monetization-enabled message processors if the org region is different from the axgroup region
APIRT-4444 API Runtime Compute error rates per target per error code
APIRT-4435 API Runtime RepositoryServiceImpl.loadAsString() doesn't use charset
APIRT-4370 API Runtime High memory usage on org MPs
APIRT-4354 API Runtime Capture TLS version in Nginx access_log for every request
APIRT-4169 API Runtime Current version of Nginx doesn't support variable combination required for X-Forwarded-For header
APIRT-3671 API Runtime Tokens are not recorded as hashed after turning on hashing
APIRT-3593 API Runtime OAuth token not holding the set attribute in a subsequent call
APIRT-3081 API Runtime messaging.adaptors.http.flow.ServiceUnavailable error with Concurrent Rate Limit policy
APIRT-4660 API Runtime Add MP pod name in the header to router X-Apigee-Pod
APIRT-4506 API Runtime Cache changes are not getting replicated to a specific message processor
APIRT-4196 API Runtime Message Logging policy syslog timestamp format is not correct
66933664 API Runtime QuotaService for non-CPS flow should clean up buckets asynchronously and not in Apigee-Main thread
66495205 API Runtime Better handling of JavaScript policy with async http calls to prevent NPE
65847462 API Runtime print statement fails with NPE
65648578 API Runtime Only MPs should register in consul KV path
65603360 API Runtime JavaScript calls fail with null error
65416531 Feature Platform Resurrect the message context when JavaScript objects are brought back into JavaScript step context
67405744 Apigee High request processing latency on MPs
65849186 Trireme Unhandled exceptions does not cause Node.js/Trireme process to exit
65713882 Trireme mongodb-core in Trireme produces different crypto results than native Node.js
65374484 Trireme Node security: http.get with numeric authorization options creates uninitialized buffers
64577449 Trireme Trireme returns Invalid verify algorithm sha256 error
EDGESERV-6 Edge Server Node apps experiencing x_apigee_fault_code: "scripts.node.runtime.ScriptExecutionError"