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On October 26th, 2018, we released a new version of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud.

Update procedure

To update your installation, perform the following procedure on the Edge nodes:

  1. On all Edge nodes:

    1. Clean Yum repos:
      sudo yum clean all
    2. Download the latest Edge 4.18.05 bootstrap_4.18.05.sh file to /tmp/bootstrap_4.18.05.sh:
      curl https://software.apigee.com/bootstrap_4.18.05.sh -o /tmp/bootstrap_4.18.05.sh
    3. Install the Edge 4.18.05 apigee-service utility and dependencies:
      sudo bash /tmp/bootstrap_4.18.05.sh apigeeuser=uName apigeepassword=pWord

      Where uName:pWord are the username and password you received from Apigee. If you omit pWord, you will be prompted to enter it.

    4. Update the apigee-setup utility:
      sudo /opt/apigee/apigee-service/bin/apigee-service apigee-setup update
    5. Use the source command to execute the apigee-service.sh script:
      source /etc/profile.d/apigee-service.sh
  2. Update all Message Processor, Router, and Management Server nodes. On each node, execute the following command:
    /opt/apigee/apigee-setup/bin/update.sh -c edge -f configFile

    Where configFile specifies the configuration file that you used to install Edge.

Deprecations and retirements

Removal of jmxri and jmxtools Java libraries

The following Java libraries were removed from Edge:

  • jmxri
  • jmxtools

Apigee Edge no longer uses these libraries.

If you have a JavaCallout policy that uses one of these libraries, Apigee recommends that you do one of the following:

  • Download your own version of the JAR file and add them as API proxy resources


  • Refactor your Java code to not use these libraries

Note that access to these libraries has been neither documented nor supported, so this internal refactoring does not fall under the Apigee deprecation policy. (APIRT-3564, APIRT-3550)

Bugs fixed

The following table lists the bugs fixed in this release:

Issue ID Description Build Number*
117912012 Shared Flow deployment issues edge-gateway-4.18.05-0.0.20004-noarch.rpm