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In a fees only plan, the developer only pays the API provider fees specified in the rate plan, such as a one-time setup fee or an early termination fee. (See Add fees to a rate plan for information on how to specify the fees in the rate plan.) There are no additional transaction-related fees.

When you create the plan, you can optionally specify renewal terms, that is, the time period for renewal. Monetization automatically renews the plan at the end of the renewal period (unless the developer terminates the plan). If the developer terminates a rate plan before the renewal term and an early termination fee is in effect, that developer will be charged the fee.


You add fees only plan details using the monetization API. Do this by setting pertinent properties in the request body in a call to the /organizations/{org_name}/monetization-packages/{package_id}/rate-plans resource (when you create the rate plan).

Specifying fees only plan details using the API

You specify fees only plan details when you create the rate plan. You specify the details in the request body of the call.

For example, the following creates a fees only rate plan. The plan specifies an early termination fee (20 U.S. dollars), a setup fee (10 U.S. dollars), and a recurring fee (5 U.S. dollars per month). The fees are due in 30 days, and the recurring fee is due in full (that is, it’s not prorated). The renewal term is 6 months. (The fee-related specifications as well as the renewal term specifications are highlighted.)

$ curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -X POST -d \
     "name": "Standard fees only plan",
     "advance": "false",
     "contractDuration": "6",
     "contractDurationType": "MONTH",
      "currency": {
      "id" : "usd"
     "earlyTerminationFee": "20",
     "description": "Standard fees only plan",
     "displayName": "Standard fees only plan",
     "frequencyDuration": 1,
     "frequencyDurationType": "MONTH",
     "monetizationPackage": {
      "id": "location"
     "organization": {
      "id": "{org_name}"
     "prorate": "false",
     "paymentDueDays": "30",
     "published": "true",  
     "ratePlanDetails": [],   
     "recurringFee": "5",
     "setUpFee": "10",
     "startDate": "2013-09-15 00:00:00",
     "type": "STANDARD"
}' \
"https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/mint/organizations/{org_name}/monetization-packages/location/rate-plans"  \
-u email:password

Notice that the ratePlanDetails property is empty. For a fee only rate plan, there are no additional details to provide beyond the fees and the renewal period.

The response should look like this this (only part of the response is shown):
  "advance" : false,
  "contractDuration" : 6,
  "contractDurationType" : "MONTH",
  "currency" : {    
    "id" : "usd",
    "name" : "USD",
    "organization" : {
  "description" : "Standard fees only plan",
  "displayName" : "Standard fees only plan",
  "earlyTerminationFee" : 20,
  "freemiumDuration" : 0,
  "freemiumDurationType" : "MONTH",
  "freemiumUnit" : 0,
  "frequencyDuration" : 1,
  "frequencyDurationType" : "MONTH",
  "id" : "location_standard_fees_only_plan",
  "monetizationPackage" : {
    "description" : "Location",
    "displayName" : "Location",
    "id" : "location",
    "name" : "Location",
    "organization" : {
    "product" : [ {
      "customAtt1Name" : "user",
      "description" : "Location",
      "displayName" : "Location",
      "id" : "location",
      "name" : "location",
      "organization" : {
    "status" : "CREATED"
  "name" : "Standard fees only plan",
  "organization" : {
  "paymentDueDays" : "30",
  "prorate" : false,
  "published" : false,
  "ratePlanDetails" : [ ],
  "recurringFee" : 5,
  "recurringStartUnit" : 1,
  "recurringType" : "CALENDAR",
  "setUpFee" : 10,
  "startDate" : "2013-07-30 00:00:00",
  "type" : "STANDARD"

See Rate plan configuration settings for a complete list of rate plan options.

Next steps

Optionally, add a freemium plan. See Add a freemium plan.

After you create the rate plan and provide rate plan details, you can publish the plan or save it as a draft. See Managing and publishing rate plans for more information.