Change Postgres database settings for monetization

In Edge for Private Cloud, you might need to change the Postgres database settings, such as host, username, or password—for example: to implement a Postgres database failover. If you have Monetization Services enabled, you also need to modify the Monetization system settings for this change.

Use the following procedure to change Postgres database connection configurations for Monetization Services.

  1. Create a configuration file with the configurations below. The file should be readable by the apigee user.
    # IP address of a zookeeper node
    # Postgres admin user and password
    # Postgres Host IP
    # Postgres user and password for monetization
    # [OPTIONAL] Comma separated list of org names for which monetization is enabled
  2. Run the following command on one of the management server nodes:
    $APIGEE_ROOT/apigee-service/bin/apigee-service edge-mint-management-server mint-pg-registration -f <path-to-config-file>
  3. Restart all Management server and Message processor nodes.
    $APIGEE_ROOT/apigee-service/bin/apigee-service edge-management-server restart
    $APIGEE_ROOT/apigee-service/bin/apigee-service edge-message-processor restart