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Note: Most user interface tasks can be performed in Edge Classic or the New Edge experience. For an overview, getting started topics, and release notes specific to the New Edge experience, see the docs.

Custom reports

What does a custom report tell me?

A custom report is a way to specify precisely what you want to measure across your API program. For instance, you can measure all API traffic generated from a specific client IP address. For information on creating custom reports, see Create custom reports.

A custom report is similar in look and feel to analytics dashboards, however the data that's displayed depends on the metrics and drill-down dimensions you selected when you created the custom report.

Data delay interval
After API calls are made to proxies, it takes about 12 minutes for the data to appear in dashboards, custom reports, and management API calls.


How do I view a custom report?

  1. Click Analytics in the main menu. The landing page lists all of the available custom reports.
  2. The Custom Reports table lists the following elements:
    • Report name: Name of the report.
    • Environment: The environment in your org from which data is collected.
    • Metric: The primary measure specified for the report.
    • Report Description: The description of the report.
    • Last Modified: The date and time when the report was last modified.
    • Actions: Buttons for deleting a report and adding custom roles. 
  3. Click a Report Name link to view it.

Custom Report

Chart View

Table View

What do I need to know about custom reports?

  • Dispersion charts

    Shows the range of values over the selected time period for certain metrics.

  • Analyze buttons

    Click Analyze in the Summary table to see more metrics, including Compare to Previous Period and Analyze Anomalies.

  • Table view

    If your custom report includes many rows in the Summary table at the bottom of the Chart view, click Table to access a user-friendly way to scroll through and display the Compare to Previous Period and Analyze Anomalies views of your custom report data.

    Use the Show up to drop-down to control the number of rows you want to display in the table. You can display up to 200 rows at a time.

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