Reference overview

The following table lists the Apigee Edge reference materials in this section:

Reference Description
Management API On our interactive management API site, you'll find documentation on the RESTful APIs that let you peform administrative tasks in your Apigee organization.
Policies References for the policies you use to add logic to Apigee Edge API proxies.
Policy errors Reference and examples for the errors you can handle when a policy is executing.
API proxy configuration reference Reference for the most fundamental pieces of configuration XML, such as for proxy and target endpoints, flows, and so on.
Shared flow bundle configuration Reference for the XML that configures a shared flow.
Conditions Reference and examples for using conditions for dynamic behavior in API proxies.
Variables Reference and examples for variables you can use as your proxy executes.
JavaScript object model Explanation and examples related to using JavaScript to interact with API proxies.
Analytics commands Example commands for APIs to retrieve analytics data.
Analytics dimensions & metrics APIs and dimensions for working with API analytics data.
Glossary Definitions for the terms you'll find as you read this content.
Advisory messages Describes the advisory message list you can view in the management console.
Extensions Reference for extensions you can use to integrate external resources.