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Reports dashboard

Deprecation notice: The Custom Reports Dashboard is being deprecated as of cloud release 15.09.30 and will be removed in a future release

What does this dashboard tell me?

The Reports dashboard lets you display up to four custom reports on one page. This dashboard is intended to give you a "real time" view of your custom report metrics. The time-scale for this dashboard ranges from 5 minutes to one hour. The dashboard can include any custom reports that you previously created — including reports that use custom variables, drill-downs, metric correlations, and filters.

Sample Custom Reports dashboard

What does this dashboard measure?

The data displayed in this dashboard depends on the selected custom reports. You can pick from any custom reports that were previously created for your organization. 

What else do I need to know about this dashboard?

Select Custom Reports Dashboard from the Analytics menu to view and configure the custom reports dashboard. Use the dropdown menus to select up to four custom reports to add to the dashboard. Click the checkmark to add the selected report. 

Custom dashboard configurations are persisted as cookies. This means that each user in your organization can have a different custom report dashboard instance. It also means that each user can maintain different instances from browser to browser.

Click a report name to display the full custom report dashboard. To change a report, select the Edit icon next to any report name:

Custom reports dashboard Edit icon


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