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Read-only system administrator role

Edge on-premises installation only. In a Cloud-based installation of Edge, Apigee functions in the role of read-only system administrator. You can only assign global users to the read-only system administrator role in an Edge for the Private Cloud installation.

An Edge read-only system administrator has access to the same entities as an system administrator but access is read-only. A read-only system administrator can:

  • Perform the operations of the Read-only organization administrator role for all organizations
  • View global user details
  • View organization, environment, and virtual host configurations
  • Make read-only calls to all Edge system administrative APIs

While it is not required, you can assign a read-only system administrator to an organization, typically as a read-only organization administrator. Unless assigned to an organization, the read-only system administrator cannot log in to the Edge management UI.

For more on the actions allowed by the read-only system administrator, see the Edge Operations Guide, available on the Apigee ftp site:


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