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App monitoring

The API BaaS App Monitoring feature provides automatic monitoring of critical metrics that can help you find bugs, optimize app performance, identify network bottlenecks, and understand usage patterns.

Supported platforms

App Monitoring requires the Apigee SDK and is currently supported for the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • JavaScript/HTML5

Get the Apigee SDK

Using App Monitoring

To enable App Monitoring, simply initialize the Apigee SDK in your application code. The SDK will automatically intercept all normal application logging, and send it to the API BaaS server. Typically, data will appear in the 'Monitoring' section of the API BaaS admin console within 2 minutes, providing you a near real-time view of your app's performance, usage, crash and error metrics.

Install the Apigee SDK

App Monitoring features

Default monitoring

The Apigee SDK will automatically monitor and report a number of important app metrics by default to the 'Monitoring' section of the API BaaS admin console, including:

  • Errors (info, debug, error, warn, assert, and critical)
  • Crashes
  • Usage (by device model, platform, app version, OS version)
  • API response time (by network type, carrier, device platform, OS version, and domain)
  • Network requests

This data is available to view in the admin portal as numeric metrics, time-series graphs, charts, and raw logs.

Learn more about default monitoring:

App usage monitoring Error and crash monitoring Network monitoring


Data visualizations

Most metrics reported in the API BaaS admin console are displayed as easy-to-analyze charts and time-series graphs that allow you to view and compare data based on a number of criteria, including platform, time period, and more. Time-series data can also be compared in a single graph.

Raw logs

All error, crash and API metrics are also available as searchable raw logs. This valuable feature allows you to quickly browse all your App Monitoring data to locate specific events and trends, and is particularly helpful for investigating network bottlenecks, as well as device, platform, or OS-specific errors and crashes.

Customizing App Monitoring

The App Monitoring feature also allows you to customize default monitoring in the API BaaS admin console, as well as define your own custom logging events in your application code.

Customizing default logging

The default settings for App Monitoring can be changed in the 'Default configs' section of the 'Configure' menu in the admin console, where you can set the data upload interval, device data to be read, log capture levels, and more. Customizing default App Monitoring is useful for optimizing the amount and frequency of the network resources your App Monitoring consumes on a user device.

Learn more about:

Customizing default monitoring

Defining custom log messages

In addition to intercepting all default logging in your app, App Monitoring also allows you to send custom log messages to the admin console with the API BaaS SDK, giving you the ability to monitor nearly anything in your app.

Learn more about:

Implementing custom log messages

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