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Get started using monetization

Basic tasks to get started

After the initial set up (see Steps to set up monetization), you can start using monetization. There are some basic tasks that you need to perform before you perform any other monetization-related tasks. The basic tasks are:

  • Edit a profile that contains information about your organization. See Edit the organization profile for details.
  • Add terms and conditions (T&C's) that developers must accept before they can purchase your rate plans. See Specify terms and conditions for details.
  • Add or delete currencies to or from the currencies initially set up for your organization. See Manage supported currencies for details.
  • Add bank account information for billing and invoices. You only need to do this if you want monetization to generate billing documents and you plan to support postpaid developers. See Add bank accounts for details.

In the next topic, you'll learn how to edit (and otherwise manage) your organization profile. So that's the place to start.

You have two ways to interact with monetization. You can issue calls to the monetization API or you can make selections and entries in the management UI — monetization adds menus to the management UI to request monetization-related services. The Toolkit section in each topic shows you how to make requests using both techniques, if available (some actions can only be requested using API calls).

How to access the monetization tools

The goal of the Edit the organization profile topic and succeeding topics is to enable you to interact with monetization either through the management UI or through API calls.

The API typically gives you more extensive access to monetization resources.

If you use the UI: The instructions show you the selections you need to make to perform various tasks. For example:

To edit the organization profile:

  1. Login to This opens the management UI.
  2. On the Admin tab, select Organization Profile.

    This opens the Organization Profile page.


  3. Click Edit on the Organization Profile page, and enter the following information.
    Field Description
    Name and Information
    Operator/Organization Name

    The name of your organization.

Detailed descriptions are provided for each field in the UI.

If you make direct calls to the API: The instructions include sample API calls displayed as simple cURL commands. You should be able to copy and paste these commands into your command-line terminal.

Here's an example:

$ curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d \
 "tncText":"Sample text for the T&C", 
}' \
"{org_name}/tncs" \
-u email:password

After you copy and paste the command to your terminal, you must replace the following variables in the command with information for your Apigee Edge account:

  • {org_name}: The name of your organization.
  • email: The email address for your Apigee Edge account.
  • password: The password for your Apigee Edge account.

The monetization base path is The URL of all monetization requests starts with that base path followed by the path of the target resource.

Next steps

Learn how to edit your organization profile in Edit the organization profile.

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