Removing a Server (Management Server/Message Processor/Router)

Edge for Private Cloud v. 4.16.05

Follow the steps below to remove a server from an on-premises installation of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud.

  1. (Message Processor only) Deregister Message Processor from the organization's environments
    curl -u adminEmail:pWord -X POST http://<management-ip>:8080/v1/o/<orgName>/e/<envName>/servers -d "uuid={uuid}&region={regionName}&pod={podName}&action=remove"
  2. Deregister server’s type
    curl -u adminEmail:pWord -X POST http://<management-ip>:8080/v1/servers -d "type={message-processor|router|management-server}&region={regionName}&pod={podName}&uuid={uuid}&action=remove"
  3. Delete the server
    curl -u adminEmail:pWord -X DELETE http://<management-ip>:8080/v1/servers/{uuid}