Apigee Edge backups

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The Apigee Edge platform as a whole is redundant and provides live/live services within each region as a first layer of redundancy. In the event of a regional outage (which would directly impact single-region customers) or a malicious act that compromises data across multiple regions, a backup of each region and of the entire platform is taken and stored in the cloud.

Backups are taken at a minimum of once a day, and some services and data repositories are done multiple times per day. Specific backup schedules of individual services are not shared externally.

Apigee Edge Cloud platform backups are:

  • Stored encrypted.
  • Kept under the same security as our production customer services, with restricted access using tools equal to or identical to those used in securing Edge Cloud platform.
  • Kept within the same geographic area as the source data. For example, backups for EU services in Ireland are kept within the EU but not only within Ireland.

Backup restores are tested as part of our operational excellence. Testing of backups occurs quarterly and are included in the Apigee audit reports that we share with customers (e.g., SOC).

Customers are encouraged to have a full software development lifecycle (SDLC) plan for their work inside of Edge. Versioning, change management, and authorization should all be managed by the customer.